Anti-aging Treatment
Rejuvenate you skin back to your days of youth. This cell renewal treatment combines ammo acids, lipids and vitamins. Essentially creating a formula that is designed for a dehydrated more mature skin. All of the benefits, without the surgery. $85.00

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
Instant face-lift for 35+ enriched with silk proteins, vitamins and vegetable extracts that reach the heart of your skin revealing the younger you. Vitamin C is an added bonus on this treatment providing your skin with newly found strength and hydration. Lying about your age never looked so good. $75.00

Balancing Treatment
Oily skin has achieved perfect harmony, with a balance of fruity acids enriched with thyme oil and natural minerals that smooth the skin and minimize pores. The anti-inflammatory action leaves your skin smooth, fresh and irritation free. $85.00

Beauty Concentration De-reddening Treatment
An intensive program designed for sensitive skin, affected by fragile capillaries and diffused Couperose. Tangerine, chamomile, olive oil, cypress and mint are just a few of our essential oils specifically created to provide your skin with flawless results. $95.00

Blue Mask Seaweed Treatment
For any skin type which appears dull and colorless. Gerard’s exclusive light gel emulsion is able to produce Oxygen when it touches your skin, restoring vitality and youthfulness of your face. Let us show you how radiant you can be. $95.00

Calming Treatment
Be engulfed by the serenity of Gerard’s calming and healing treatment for sensitive and Couperose skin. These special vegetable extracts of ivy and oak have a unique effect on the synthesis of collagen fibers. The benefits are beautiful healed skin, and a sensational new look. $85.00

The Luxurious touch of this preservative free veil, rich in amino acids and essential minerals will intensify, moisturize and stimulate cellular metabolism and produce a younger looking, firmer and more hydrated skin then ever before. $ 125.00

Collagen Moisturizing Treatment
Moisture never felt so good. Bring the life back into your extremely dry/dehydrated skin with a moisture bath that calms and refreshes. To make this “super” we’ve added a collagen fiber mask with an Elastin treatment, to firm and tone your natural skin. Using the combination of sweet almond oil, marigold, and vitamin C we nourish your skin and replenish hydration. What more could you ask? $95.00

Dermo-Purifying Acne Treatment
Melt away the daily stress with our unique purifying and calming treatment. This dynamic duo uses a combination of natural extracts and oils of marigold, carrot, and chamomile to deeply cleanse acne prone skin, while removing impurities to take you to a place of complete nirvana. The end result is a softer more radiant you. $85.00

Firming Treatment
This miracle treatment works wonders with firming and moisturizing all skin types. Deeply penetrating ingredients of marine collagen, seaweed extract and white thyme will smooth your skin and reduce redness. Revealing a perfectly toned hydrated new you. $85.00

First Lines Treatment
Never age another day. All skin types can benefit from this luxurious treatment that improves moisture, elasticity, and hydration. Specifically designed with essential oils, marine collagen, and seaweed extracts to soften and prevent the signs of maturity. Indulge your skin in the fountain of youth. $85.00

Gerard’s Signature Facial
A classic European facial that includes a deep pore cleansing, light natural exfoliation, rejuvenating facial massage and a customized mask designed for your skin. For the finale, a moisturizing treatment that refreshes, leaving you with a radiant complexion.$80.00

GLA Atipica Face Treatment
For Psoriasis and dry, scaly, very sensitive skins. This Gerard’s specialty treatment stops the irritation and the scaling, flaking and dryness of the skin. $85.00

Glycolic Peel Rejuvenating Treatment
Gerard’s glycolic is an exfoliating and moisturizing treatment that naturally stimulates the production of collagen, while fading darker pigmentation. A cooling gel, containing water molecules penetrate and sooths the skin’s surface, creating incredible, younger looking, smoother skin. $480 for a series of 6 is. Includes a Signature facial

Glycolic Add On
Add a glycolic peel to the facial of your choice for only $40.00

Hydrating Treatment
This Heavenly treatment is a moisture bath for your skin using essential oils and natural extracts. For the dry/dehydrated skin types it’s the only way to preserve and replenish your natural hydration, leaving you with the incredibly soft skin you’ve always dreamed of. $80.00

This energetic and anti stress treatment will re activate the skin and de stress you. As an Ayurvedic based treatment, this facial is designed by Gerard's to oxygenate and firm your skin resulting in a brighter and younger looking skin. $125.00

Matricol Eyes ~ Complete Eye Treatment ~
Banish the evil villain that causes wrinkles and swelling around your eyes. Gerard’s has the perfect super-hero to fight aging caused by every day stress. A complete eye treatment using a high concentration of hydrating oils, marine collagen, and pure chamomile extracts will provide you with instant results you’ll notice every day. $25.00

Mineral Mud Treatment
Designed for Rosacea and Acne.
Mineral rich Peat (thermal mud) from Italy’s thermal springs is used to reduce redness and calm sensitive, congested skin. Natural extracts such as birch, juniper and artichoke purify the skin, and increases elasticity. A series of treatments are recommended for maximum results. $95.00

A purifying and calming facial for impure skin that is especially suited for sensitive and congested skin. Perfect for mature oily and impure skins as wells as non teen age related acne. $ 90.00

Pre- Teen Facial ~ Face, neck and décolleté treatment ~
Never too young to start. Cater to your skins needs with Gerard’s pre-teen facial, created to provide moisture, balance and over all well being to the skin in the early days of youth. Beauty starts young, and lasts forever. $50

Rigenera DNA
Gerard’s has created a formula well ahead of our time. Designed for all skin types to provide an anti-stress, regeneration, and firming treatment. In addition a mask sheet drenched in marine DNA will supply the skin with vitamins A, C & E in the pure form, accelerating tissue regeneration and reducing the signs of aging. Resulting in a more radiant, smoother complexion. Welcome to the future $95.00

Gerard’s truly organic facial for all skin types uses Soy, which has Firming and revitalizing properties that tightens, compacts and firms the skin while stimulating collagen synthesis for a younger look. Soy, with its natural anti-oxidating action, regenerates and rebalances the skins ability to retail moisture. $ 125.00

Teen Facial ~ Face, neck and décolleté treatment ~
Balance your skin and create perfect harmony within. Don’t miss another day of school for a blemish; instead miss it to come see us. Hiding at home and make-up can’t fix your problem, but we can. Using all natural ingredients to purify, balance and nourish your skin at the perfect age. Gerard’s has your hall pass to clear beautiful skin. Now you’ll look back at your yearbook picture and smile. $60

Vitaminic Mask

Improve your skin instantly with Gerard's pure vitamin mask face treatment. Restore and refresh your face and look younger in just one hour. $110

Whitening Treatment
Hyper pigmented skin, skin spots
Clearing and purifying of the face, neck, décolleté, hands and body. An immediate effect that restores a uniform color to your skin, while minimizing wrinkles. Through special formulations of minerals and vegetable extracts, Gerard’s has given you a treatment that protects and hydrates your skin even under UV influence, it’s our permanent umbrella to make sure you are always covered. $95.00



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