Purchase 10 massages ( 60 minutes) for $600.00

Swedish Massage 30 min. $45 / 60 min. $75. / 90 min. $95
Manipulation of the soft tissue of the body by a combination of various movements such as kneading, stroking and friction, using oils, creams and lotions. This modality assists the movement of blood and lymph, stimulates proper circulation, and promotes relaxation and detoxification.

Couples massage 60 min. $140
Enjoy the calming sense and relaxing feeling of a couples massage in the same room. Two massage therapists working in tandem, providing instant relaxation.

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage 60 min. $90. 90 min. $120.
A method of massage especially designed to prepare an athlete for an upcoming event. Helps the body’s restorative capacities, following a vigorous workout or competition.

Pregnancy Massage 60 min. $80.
This massage is used at any point during the pregnancy term. It is utilized in relieving swelling in muscle tissue that happens as a result of carrying long term. The lower back, shoulder, hands and feet are the areas must target during the session for overall stress reduction for the mind and body.

Reflexology Treatment 60 min $70.00
Our hands and your feet meet to create a healing to your entire well being. Let us have your feet, and you can have your relaxing, enjoyable time.

AMMA therapy
The art of balancing the body’s energy flow so as to best contribute to your own well being. Combining oriental treatment concepts with western principles, Amma therapy restores, promotes, and maintains optimum health through the treatment of the physical body, the bio energy, and the emotions which reflect and are bound into the neuromuscular system. 60 Min. $85.00

The Japanese word for universal life. Let your life force flow better and better. Help avoid imbalances in the body, while improving your circulation.
60 min $80

Join the massage or reflexology club and get one 60 minute treatment of your choice for only $55 per month.

Purchase 10 massages ( 60 minutes) for $600.00


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