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Dean-Soukeras_125155.jpgIn an effort to provide our clients with all the tools they need for a joyous life, inside and out, Gerard’s welcomes Dean Soukeras to our staff.

Dean Soukeras will be bringing his Energy Healing Therapy to our Spa and our clients. We are excited to have this gifted healer join our growing family.

“Life's challenges, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, have an energetic component. Rather than trying to cure a symptom, we will look at the whole body and track the symptom to its source. All of life's issues are energetic in origin, originally created by a trauma. The trauma leaves an energetic imprint, which, if left unattended, can develop into an emotional, mental or physical condition. We will intervene at the energetic level, healing the origins of the symptom, so past trauma no longer affects our reality or health.”

Dean graduated from Fordham University and Pace School of Law. He then started his own business, which went from a small start to a large venture recently recognized by Entrepreneur magazine as one of America's 500 fastest growing small businesses.

Deciding to follow his passion, Dean summoned his courage and faith and ventured forth to forge a new path, studying the ancient healing arts. He has put his heart and soul into his healing practice and sees himself as a conduit to assist people in recognizing and reconnecting with their sacred selves.

*As a special treat Dean has agreed to offer a complimentary workshop for anyone interested in learning more about their body’s energy system.

Introduction to Energy: Discovering your Energetic Core
When: November 10th 7:00 – 8:30pm
Where: Gerard’s the Spa and Wellness Center

Discover your body’s energetic systems, including the chakras and the aura. With this knowledge you will be able to better understand how the energy of a situation and how others’ energies, mix with our own to cause issues and challenges in your life.





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